by Paul Stafford


Leather, Felt, Crystals, Rivets and Thread. Five materials engineered. Intelligent Headwear for Today.

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Large leather coulis formed with swarovski crystal swirled seams. Interlocking leather beret. Floppy grey felt hat with leather and crystal flower.
Leather ruffle headpiece shown in red. Felt hat with down-turned leather brim formed by rivets that dart leather pattern pieces.
Felt hat with a leather brim that drapes at the back. Felt wide brimmed floppy hat with multi-strap leather trim.
Felt trilby with a leather leaf trim. Felt trilby with a leather brim with geo-metric cut outs. Felt teo-tone trilby with a leather and crystal flower trim.
Three stray leather hairband. Cross over multi strap leather hairband. Intertwining leather strap hairband.
Beanie with leather and crystal toggle detail. Beanie with Leather and swarovski crystal strap securing drape. Beanie with a leather band riveted in place to drape the knit.
Leather flower headband formed by hand sewn seams of Swarovski crystals. Leather hairband with hand inlaid swarovski crystals. Three strap leather hairband with single hand inlaid swarovski crystals
Felt trilby with a leather brim. Leather leaf hairband. Two tone felt trilby with crystal inlaid leather band.


Empowering, feminine, perfection.

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Patent cream leather upright ruffle with black underside and crystal edging. White leather hairband with hand made leather and swarovski crystal flower. A bouquet of three patent leather flowers with swarovski crystal seams on elastic that can be hidden under the hair.
Three strap leather hairband with individually hand inserted swarovski pearls. White leather hairband with leaves and pearl detail. Leather hairband with hand inlaid swarovski pearls.
White leather hairband with hand inlaid swarovski crystals. White Leather disc haeadpiece formed by hand inserting seams of rose gold and gunmetal Swaroxki crystals. Paul Stafford hand sews 335 swarovski crystals in sweeping seams to form this dramatic leather statement hat.
White leather pearching modern beret with inset crystals and pearls. White leather upright disc with cut outs and pearl seams.  



Boldly minimlaist headwear for the modern wardrobe.

Round Crown Panama Straw Hat with a large leather brim. The brim is draped due to curve cuts in the leather and decorated with a laser etched peacock feather design. Apprioopriate for casual and occasion wear, this braided stra piece by The Season Hats has a leather band with peacock feather etching. Leather curve cut brim on rounded Panama straw crown.
Paul Stafford designed haircomb features inlaide Swarovski crystals in crescent of leather. Ideal gift. Double layers of leather. Crystals inlaid by hand stitching into laser cut holes creating a soft crystal stud effect. Secures under haid with elastic. A Beret headpiece made from leather attached to a wooden circular base.
Leather peacock feather inspired haircomb presented on a gold comb that can be concealed in your hair. The Season Hats hairband of leather with etched feather design. Shownb here in white leather, but also available in patent cherry, A walnut wood base is built to have straps of white leather inseted. The straps are etched to have a peacock feather design.
The Season Hats offers a modern take on the bow. The bow is cleverly constructed from a rectangle of leather which has lines cut into it by a laser. Paul Stafford then folds and sows the leather into each hand finished leather bow and attaches onto a metal hairband. Leather beret made from interlocking geometric leather pieces. Paul uses a precision laser cut wood base and attaches leather straps for an open work effect. This avant-garde piece shows off its construction.
A straw hat with hand finished leather bow and band. Braided straw hat finished with a leather band into which Paul Stafford hand sows a rown of inlaid Swarovski cystals. Straw Hat with leather band. The band has a double layered section into which Swarovski crystals are hand stitched.
A Panama Straw Trilby crown with a leather band and brim. The brim has geometric cut outs in the leather. A Season Hats Classic. Panama Straw Trilby crown with a Leather band and brim. The brim is decorated with a peacock feather etching Paul Staffords luxurious minimalism showcased in this updated classic hat.
Triple layered leather allows for low patterns of inlaid crystals. Swarovski crytals of 3 sizes are inlaid by hand by Paul Stafford to create an intricate yeat eay to wear hairband. Muli-strap leather hairband  finished with bronze rivets. Easy to wear and flatering, this is secured with an elastic strap hidden under the hair. A dual colour hairband by The Season Hats, Multiple leather straps crossover for detail,
A leather upright piece on a gold headband. This white leather piece has laser etched lines and laser cut-outs. IDeal for wedding, races and events. Fascinator headpiece made from leather and presented on a gold hairband. Leather laser etched with peacock feather motif for a striking and modern take on the fascinator.