Arco Black


A soft modern take on a disc headpiece, The Season Hats's Arco is modern, flattering, comfortable and because it folds flat, it's even practical. Made from tulle that has been laser cut into pattern pieces and sewn piece by piece in our Studio, the beauty is in the detail.

Cleverly constructed this piece folds flat for easy transport and storage and then unfans into shape , perfect for each wear. The unfolded hat pops together with simple snap fasteners to ensure it stays in place all day, then simply unsnaps to be packed back into its bespoke laser cut and etched box.

Incredibly light weight, this headpiece will be comfortable even for the very longest of days, and with the transparency of the tulle, you can see through it easily.

Perfect for Ascot or occasions where you want to be able to greet people with a kiss on the cheek while looking chic, modern and glamorous.