Akbar Bridal


Elegant Satin and tulle hairband in a flattering shape with a semi opaque element layer for a subtle drama. 

Created using Paul Stafford's folding technique, this hairband folds into box only slightly larger than a ring box, then unfolds out of the bespoke laser etched box ready to wear. Presented on millinery elastic that can be hidden under the hair, this piece is light and comfortable, eye-catching and feminine.

Cleverly constructed this piece folds flat for easy transport and storage and then unfans into its pristine lines, perfect for each wear. 

The Season Hat's Akbar also makes a great gift. It is presented on elastic so that one size will suit everyone, and comes in a bespoke laser cut and etched box riveted together by hand in our studio for beautiful presentation.

Available in ivory stain with white tulle, or ivory satin with a gold chiffon like material.

This piece is also available in black - Akbar (please note the white based version are slight more expensive because to keep the materials perfect we have to laser cut twice on a lower heat setting to avoid burning - meaning it takes twice as long to cut the pattern pieces).