Seren White


Stunning little perching beret headpiece made of metallic coated leather that is sewn into this star inspired shape with 158 Swarovski crystals. Each crystal is sewn in by hand in our London studio - a delicate process that make a piece that is durable enough to be packed in a suitcase for destination weddings, and perfect to wear on the wedding day and at future events.

The flexibility of this coated leather makes this piece very comfortable to wear on its millinery elastic (which can be hidden under the hair). The Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals catch the light at all angles for a flattering glow that will look fabulous in photos.

This piece is laser cut and hand made in our UK studio, dispatched in 2-3 weeks. Please note that made to order pieces cannot be returned. However, we can tweak details so that we make precisely the piece that you want. Please contact us if you would like to discus alternative crystal colours, leather or even a different scale of this piece.