An update of the traditional formal beret, this leather creation is fun for races, weddings and occasions whilst still feeling wearable and appropriate. The piece is created from a flat piece of European leather which is patterned by Paul Stafford (Design/Maker) then cut by a precision laser. The leather is then curved into the desired shape by hand and each strap secured onto a light weight wooden base by rivets that are hidden on the underside. A screw runs through the height of the piece to maintain its height and shape, adding an architectural function as well as a contemporary detail. This piece is provided on millinery elastic, designed to be hidden by wearing under the hair, and can then be positioned onto the side of the head. Traditionally the piece would be positioned on the right of your head and we recommend placing a kirby grip around the elastic, under the piece to prevent it moving too much throughout the day.

This piece is made to order in our London Studio and will be shipped in 10-15 working days. Please note that made to order pieces cannot be returned or refunded.