Striking Leather Ruffle Headpiece with a hand inlaid Swarovski Crystal edge. 

Beautiful sculpted leather ruffle headpiece is strategically patterned by designer, Paul Stafford, to have a curved fitting on the head and a distinctive, flattering point from over the eye to the top of the piece. 

Elegant and modern, as the edges of the piece are all angles differently so that as you move in this hat each of the 114 hand sewn Swarovski Crytals will catch the light at a different time. The constant catching of the light makes the luxury of the piece evident, while the modern construction, shape and use of leather keeps the piece current.

Perfect for days at the races and weddings, this piece will work across seasons. Buy it for a summer event to pair with a geometric printed dress, then re-wear with a bright woollen shift dress for a Winter wedding.

Presented on millinery elastic for a perfect fit every wear. Add a kirby grip under each side of the leather headpiece to ensure it stays exactly as you position it for the whole day.