Size, Fitting & Care


Our Standard Hat Sizes are...

  • XS - 55cm
  • S  - 56cm
  • M - 57cm
  • L - 58cm
  • XL - 59cm

To confirm your size, please measure around your head  at the point where the hat would sit.

If you are between sizes, then we recommend you go down a size if it is less that 0.5 cm over, and up a size if it is over 0.5cm over.

If you are smaller, larger or between sizes and would like your hat made specifically to order then please contact us and we will create a made-to-measure piece for you - please email

Please note that made to order pieces are non returnable and non refundable.


Our headpiece are presented either on gold coloured hairbands (one size fits all) or on Millinery Elastic.

To correctly secure a piece presented on a metal hairband, position as you wish.

To correctly secure a headpiece on elastic, pull over your head so that the piece is sitting around your neck. Slide your hair out so that it sits over the elastic at the back of the neck and pull the piece into position around the head. Style hair as desired and then secure your headpiece with one or two kirby grips in a colour that tones with you hair under the headpiece at the side closest to an ear. This helps to ensure that the piece does not slip or move during the day.


Our leather hairbands all have an inset of millinery elastic to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Should you find the piece slips after repeated use, the you can tighten the elastic by adding an additional knot.


Should you have any questions on sizing or how to dress your hat then please email


LEATHER: Clean and condition only with cleaners designed for leather specifically. Leather can withstand showers, but avoid drenching. Should your leather headpiece get wet, dry with a soft white cloth and allow to air dry avoiding direct sunlight and heat. If your headpiece has a leather crown, dry on a hat form if possible to prevent shrinking. Alternatively use acid free tissue paper or clean white cloths to stuff the hat to help it keep shape – change the stuffing regularly to speed drying. The process of laser cutting creates a burned residue on the edges of the materials cut. While every effort is made to ensure that this is removed from our pieces, we strongly advise you never to let light fabrics come into contact with these cut edges

LAMINATES: these materials will only endure the lightest of cleansing, so take care to prevent your piece from getting dirty. If marks cannot be dusted off, attempt to use a moist (not wet) soft sponge and mild detergent. Avoid getting laminate pieces wet.

FAUX DUPION: clean with a mild detergent and a moist sponge. Allow to dry folded where possible.