Hats that fold flat

 The Season Hats have developed an innovative range of satin hats that fold flat, much like a fan,  then unfold into pieces that are stunning enough to have been styled for publications such as Vogue Italia.

Folding and Unfolding Satin Ascot Ladies Day HatsThe Season Hats designer, Paul Stafford says…

“In the 5 years since I graduated with my Masters in Millinery from the Royal College of Art, the biggest dilemma I have heard from customers is how to transport their hat. Often made from fragile materials, hats are generally supplied in large boxes packed with tissue paper and this can be cumbersome on a trip abroad”.

One of the problems often faced by those buying hats is how to transport their crowning accessory to different destinations. With international travel growing continually, many clients want to have the perfect hat to match their outfit ready to jet off to The Melbourne Cup or a wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Inspired by Chinese paper folding techniques, these pieces unfold like a fan into their 3D form with simple snap fasteners. Each of the pieces comes with it's own individually made custom hat box. A 58 cm diameter coolie will pack into a box just 5cm deep, and a satin hairband folds into a box just slightly larger than a ring box.

Simple to store and timeless in form, these headpieces make beautiful and practical pieces that belong in any fashionable wardrobe.

Each piece is made from up to 46 precision laser cut pieces of French Satin that are sewn together individually in a process that takes up to 2 days per piece. 

To wear your unfolding hat, hairband or headpiece, simply untie your bespoke box (laser cut and put together by hand in our studio) and remove your 'flat-packed' hat. The snap fasteners are stitched onto wooden inlays with the hat structure (as seen in the image below) and these can be popped together to securely hold the piece in its 3D form.

Hats that fold and unfold by The Season Hats London MillinersThen pull the piece over your head so the elastic is sitting around your neck and the satin piece is in front of you (like a pendant). Pull out any hair trapped under the elastic - this will hide the elastic under your hair while wearing the piece. Then you pull the satin headpiece over your face, careful to avoid make-up, and position it on your head in the position that is most comfortable and flattering for you. We generally find that most people suit the hat being worn off to one side - traditionally this would be on the right hand side from the wearer's perspective so that your headwear does not impact on your partner  who would walk to your left.

To ensure that your piece stays in place all day long, we recommend using a couple of kirby grips around the hat elastic under the side of the headpiece that is closest to the ear. 

To keep your hat pristine, store in it's box between wears. Carefully prise open the snap fasteners by gently inserting your fingers between the wooden pieces close the the centre of your piece. Lay flat back into its box and your hat will have pressed itself in time for your next outing. 

 Coolie by The Season Hats, folds into box 5cm deepThe Season Hats unfolding coolieUnfolded coolie by The Season Hats unfans into box just 5cm deep.